We left Turkey Creek heading for Kunanurra, we saw the Argyle dam, the start of the Ord River scheem, looks pretty impressive.
It was not long before we had crossed the boarder and lost an hour and a half in time, now we are in the Northern Territory. The speed limit is 130Km/h although nothing will change for the red beast. Funny, when I was younger I always wanted to drive and have my car covered in red dust, now that I am here doing it I have a red car and you can not see it.
We made our overnight stop, Timber Creek. Another $24 caravan site on the highway, we managed to get our washing finished and dried before the crocodile feeding. Only problem was the croc was a no show, getting to cold we are told.
I must admit I am a little dissapointed that lots of the small towns along the way promote fishing, but when you ask where the good fishing spot is you get told, no fishing to many crocodiles. I think that this is a scam to keep all the fish

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