Leaving Port Headland we decided to break the trip, 80 Mile Beach seems like the place to stop. We registered and drove into the large park, it is very crowded and lots of quad bikes. It was a really nice place to stay, we had even managed to pick a night when a wierd god bothering mob were there waving their arms and dancing in a trance.
We waited till after dark and thought a romantic stroll along the beach would be nice, well we ended up talking to some people that were fishing for about half an hour, they gave us a few pointers on things to see along the way, Geikie Gorge being one of the places to see and tiped us on the pricing.
We ended up having a stroll along the beach in the moonlight, we still think it is called 80 mile beach because that is how far out the water is, again another really nice place to stay.


Beautiful beach must have been a great place for a stroll, a dip in the water would have been nice too.
73 de VE3TEI


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