We started our day with the short run to Dampier, it is a nice place, albeit a mining town. We finally after driving round the small town the red dog statue, we took a few photos and headed back to Karratha.
We found a place to replace the tyre on the jockey wheel, and purchased a new tyre and tube. We needed fuel so we turned into the truck bay of a service station, Stacey all the while telling me that it is a pay by card only, me being me thinking we have a card so no worries. I waited and decided that the guy was not going to turn the pump on for me, I went around the front of the servo and found that all the bowsers on the outside were ULP, no good then I notice what Stacey ment about card only, it was a mining company service station that would only give fuel if you held one of their fuel cards.
A rapid exit found us heading up the highway to Port Headland. I managed to make use of a repeater and with the help of Micheal VK6BHY I was soon chatting to Carl VK2HRC on the BMARC IRLP node. We had a chat for while and then we were back on the road heading for Port Headland.
We drove into Port Headland and had a look around the small town before heading back to Cook Point and getting a site in the caravan park.
We decided that it would be a good idea to repair the jockey wheel, this turned out to be a bigger job than we thought as it wasn't a straight swap, I put the new tyre and tube on then noticed that the valve was not the right one, I then had to patch the old tube and put it onto the old rim. Problem solved, un till we wake up in the morning to find the jockey wheel flat again.
We had a drive through Port Headland stalking an old mate of mine, but we couldn't find him. Sorry to the people that thought we were strange driving around the block a dozen times.


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