We organise to leave the camper trailer at the caravan park that we stayed at last night and drive the 135Km of unsealed road to the crater. It was pretty rough at times. We got to the crater and it is quiet something to see. I wonder what size the meteor was that hit, and stuff like that. We walked to the rim and looked in, again pretty amazing. We had a read of the information about what had happened here and still I am amazed.
We drove out of the crator site and found an old abandoned farm house, I said I will take some photos and tell people that it was the house used in the movie, some humur on the door reads"The danish team stayed in this house, we survived and we watched the movie" pretty funny I thought.
We head back to Halls Creek and pick up the camper, much to my suprise that we had lost a tail light assembly, must have rattled out along with my eyeballs along the road.
We left Halls Creek and spent the night at Turkey Creek, I woke to sounds in the early hours of the morning and saw shadows moving around, when I looked out we were surrounded by wild brumbies, all standing on the grass eating, I would have taken a photo but I did not want to startle them and they storm throught the place and get hurt.

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